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Recently announced by Applied Motion Products Inc. (AMP), and available from Mclennan, the new SV200 series intelligent servo drives provide advanced motion performance and extensive functionality to suit a broad range of precision motion applications.

These compact servo drives include a direct-on-line power supply for convenient stand-alone operation 220V AC nominal (single- or three-phase). Continuous current ratings from 3.0 and 4.5A and a 300 per cent peak current capability combine with cutting-edge features such as programmable notch filters, an anti-vibration algorithm and auto-tuning to enable smooth motion and fast settling times over a wide dynamic range. Designed to suit servo motors with power ratings from 100 to 750 W, such as AMP’s J series which include 2500 line encoders, the new digital drives include multiple communication and control options that will allow machine builders great application flexibility.

With all models featuring a USB port for set-up and tuning users can choose RS232, RS485, CANopen or Ethernet communication ports whilst a broad choice of control options covers pulse & direction, analogue torque or velocity, streaming commands, stored program execution, CANopen and EtherNet/IP.

A generous on-board configurable I/O complement includes eight regular and four high-speed digital inputs at 5-24V DC that can be used for over-travel switches, coordinated event handling and fast position capture in motion synchronisation applications such as packaging machines, process controls or dispensing equipment. Six digital outputs at 30V DC maximum and two +/- 10V analogue inputs balance the SV200’s machine interfacing capability to offer users the ability to handshake and interact with PLCs or other automation controllers or even provide complete machine control for single-axis applications. The high-level ‘Q’ programming language option for the SV200 provides complete multi-tasked motion and machine control with conditional processing, maths functions and high-speed position registration, for instance in complex move sequencing and electronic gearbox applications. AMP’s SVX Servo Suite software provides a central programming and application configuration environment for all SV200 series intelligent drives and is available free of charge for use across the AMP range of servo and stepper drives, allowing motor technologies to be freely mixed in applications for added flexibility and reduced motion component costs.

The SV200 range also features comprehensive fault protection and the compact panel mount drive includes a combination of front panel screw terminal and D-type connectors for fast and uncomplicated installation. A front mounted control panel and 5-digit LED display provides parameter setting/reading, error and operational status information. Complete specifications and option details for the the new SV200 series intelligent servo drives are available at

18 September 2015

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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