Robust HI-BAR safety screens resist corrosion & combustion

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Robust HI-BAR safety screens resist corrosion & combustionThe range of HI-BAR Flange Mount Safety Screens available from Lee Products now includes options made entirely from brass, per ASTM B16 / B16M. Lee HI-BAR screens protect components in critical fluids-handling applications to ensure optimum safety and performance, and while critical components are often relatively immune to low levels of small size contaminants, a single large particle can cause blockages, resulting in system failure and down-time.

These rugged, all-brass versions combine high strength and a one-piece design which makes them well suited to applications and environments which have a risk of ignition, combustion and corrosion. In addition, as brass is less likely to ignite or burn (compared with aluminium or stainless steel) it is also considered as a superior material for use in oxygen applications, while its low propensity for sparking ensures suitability for use in explosive gas environments.

Depending on size, their robust, single-piece construction enables these screens to withstand fully clogged pressure differentials of 1000psid to 4500psid, without rupture. They are available in six different flange sizes ranging from 3.35mm to 17.1mm in diameter and eight different hole sizes ranging from 0.05mm to 0.5mm in diameter. Although the 48 ‘standard’ versions offer optimum design flexibility, custom designs are also available.

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