TorkDrive torque motor range provides high torque at low speeds

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Harmonic Drive UK is launching TorkDrive, a new multi-pole direct-drive torque motor designed for applications including rotary transfer machines, rotary tables, machining centres, roller and cylinder drives as well as positioning and handling axes. The multi-pole design of the motor components allows the drive to transmit high torque at low to medium rotational speeds.

TorkDrive has been developed to provide high dynamic response, precision and system rigidity in industries from robotics and handling, to machine tools, packaging and the food and beverage sector.

The range is available in five sizes offering a maximum torque from 19 to 600Nm. Units can be customised for integrated drive systems and are available in kit form, where the stator and rotor are delivered as individual components without housing. This provides a compact products for direct integration into machine design.

Graham Mackrell, managing director of Harmonic Drive UK explains: “TorkDrive operates like a synchronous servo motor because the rotor is fitted with permanent magnets and the stator houses the windings. The main difference that really sets TorkDrive apart is that it has a large number of pole pairs in the stator and rotor.

“These single pole windings are rated for 400 VAC, meaning TorkDrive delivers maximum torque at low speeds, ideal for applications such as rotary transfer machines, tables, roller and cylinder drives as well as positioning and handling axes.

“We’ve developed TorkDrive to deliver exceptionally low noise levels and to minimise wear for the lifetime of the drive. Integrated temperature sensors ensure that the motor is protected from overheating. In addition to sensors, the standard version of TorkDrive is designed for water cooling so that users can take advantage of a higher power output, while keeping heat transfer to a minimum.”

TorkDrive features a large hollowshaft in the centre of the unit, allowing users to pass through cabling, supply lines, optical lasers and other services while minimising unit footprint.

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