Eaton’s DWF duplex lubrication oil filter reduces contamination

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Eaton is launching new high-performance DWF duplex lubrication oil filters to address the importance of system uptime. The high-flow filters are engineered for continuous operations and designed to preserve oil integrity while protecting expensive hydraulic pumps, motors and valves.

Clean oil is critical to the prevention of systems failure and contaminated fluid causes up to 80 per cent of these failures. The DWF duplex filters filter oil, which increases its service lifetime thus reducing oil replacement and disposal costs. The cleaner oil also reduces component repair and replacement costs.

Mary Jo Surges, vice president and general manager, Eaton’s Filtration Division, says: “The new DWF duplex lubrication oil filters are instrumental in protecting equipment while improving performance and reliability. The simplified design carries the robustness of Eaton’s full hydraulic and lubrication filtration line with the addition of key features that provide high dirt-holding capacity and easy maintenance for our customers.”

The DWF duplex filters are replacing the Series DSF and Series DNR duplex filters and are suitable for a working pressure up to 16 bar, and the continuous operation keeps systems contamination free while in service.

Eaton also offers a complete line of oil condition monitoring equipment to extend the life of critical hydraulic components and maximise uptime and productivity. This equipment includes the new CSM 02 multi-analysis system that helps users count particles and solid contamination in hydraulic and lubrication fluids to deliver reliable and efficient operations.

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