Five ways the BuildAssist range can boost productivity

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ATM Automation is promoting its BuildAssist assisted fixturing system for use in conjunction with automation, whether robotic or dedicated. BuildAssist helps manufacturers to achieve predictable and repeatable part presentation for application such as de-gating operations, automated assembly systems, part transfer and orientation stations, and laser cutting. Below are five ways in which BuildAssist can help manufacturers boost productivity.

1. Control systems

Employees can use BuildAssist with ease as the instructions are on-screen and simple to grasp. With administrator login, the system allows the creation of a detailed sequence of assembly operations to be followed. The company is currently developing an on-screen Training Video to assist in the part assembly every step of the way. The Control Systems are the same throughout the entire BuildAssist range, meaning employees only have to learn one program to grasp the concept of many machines.

2. Increased product satisfaction

Small but significant mistakes are easy to miss through human error; however, with ATM’s Vision Systems, this is easily avoided. These systems check colour, part orientation, major and minor part defects and shape and size of individual part of assembled part. With a rapid decrease of inaccuracy, products are superior in quality and you will increase yield.

3. Decreased lead time

The quantity of products will not be compromised because there is far less room for human error because of ATM’s control system. The fact that there are standard designs throughout the range means that system design time is decreased. So through every step the lead time is reduced, with better quality production.

4. Quick-change Plug & Play

It is easy for these machines to be re-configured to suit a different component if necessary by use of inter-changeable nests. The benefit for this is obvious: no need to buy countless machines for slight differences in parts. A good example of this is ATM’s Standard Final Assembly Stations with various nesting options which simply bolt into place.

5. Safety

Safety is obviously a high priority in an industry involving automated machinery. All BuildAssist machines are tested to the highest degree with constant improvements insuring for the best security possible. An example of this is ATM’s Rotational Final Assembly Systems which are probably the largest BuildAssist machines the company manufactures. The disk brake ensures it is as safe as can be whilst moving from a vertical to a horizontal orientation or vice versa. Adapting the height to the user’s needs is also crucial as a safety aspect but is not always achievable with regular machines, as they either do not have this particular feature or it is too cumbersome. The power lift feature means that whilst adjusting the height, it is done in the most secure and smoothest way possible.

ATM’s BuildAssist range will easily boost your company’s productivity with the features explained above. Don’t choose between quality or quantity; have both with ATM’s newest BuildAssist range. For more information visit the company’s website at

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