Parker’s AC30 drives now offered with a power rating up to 250kW

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Parker’s AC30 drives now offered with a power rating up to 250kWParker Hannifin is extending its AC30 series of variable speed AC drives up to 250kW output rating. The move comes following a recent update to introduce a pulse encoder feedback option, bringing closed-loop capabilities to the portfolio and underlines Parker’s commitment to offer its customers even more functionality across the AC30 series.

Flexibility, reliability and simplicity are the core design attributes of the AC30 series, which is available in several different frame sizes to suit the application. Exceptional levels of control are assured, from simple open-loop pumps and fans through to closed-loop process line applications. Indeed, wherever reliable and accurate motor speed control are the major demands, of either AC induction or permanent magnet (PMAC) servo motors, industry need look no further than the AC30 for a comprehensive and cost-effective option.

Offering integral energy monitoring capability, the AC30 series allows customers to match motor speed to fluctuating application demands, therefore supporting reduced electricity usage. As well as saving money, the mechanical life of motors, pumps, fans and ancillary equipment such as ducting or pipework, is extended.

Although simple in design, there is no compromise on functionality with the extended AC30 series. For example, users can enjoy the benefits of integrated macros for a host of different applications, while the Codesys-based Parker Drive Developer (PDD) software tool enables the creation of sophisticated PLC functionality within the drive that would previously have necessitated a separate PLC. What’s more, flexibility and high modularity ensure that a wide range of communications, such as Profinet, Profibus and EtherCAT can be added easily, along with I/O modules.

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