Energy-efficient solenoid valves save space and reduce weight

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Energy-efficient solenoid valves save space and reduce weightLee Products is extending its range of ultra-compact, field-proven piloting solenoid valves which are suitable for challenging, high-pressure duty applications such as those occurring in aerospace hydraulics, fuel systems and oil tools. Saving space, reducing weight and minimising power consumption along with reliable performance, are the important benefits of Lee’s piloting solenoid valves and this new option continues that objective.

This new Zero Leak Solenoid Valve features a polymer seal to ensure zero leakage and an innovative MultiSeal design which radically simplifies port layout and means significant space savings, reduced machining costs and higher reliability compared with traditional sealing methods.

With an overall height of 47mm, a diameter of 25mm and weighing just 113g this single-coil design valve is available in both normally closed and normally open configuration with lead wires extending either end of the valve. The solenoid coil has been optimised to ensure energy-efficiency consuming just 7.8 Watts at 28V DC.

Other features include an integral safety screen with 0.10mm hole size and a captive retainer nut which means that no special tools are required for fitting. The valves are compatible with most petroleum and phosphate-ester based fluids, have an operating temperature range of -65degF to +275degF and are endurance tested to 500,000 cycles

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