Small high-capacity power relays: Panasonic HE-S Series

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Small high-capacity power relays: Panasonic HE-S SeriesMouser Electronics is now stocking the new HE-S Series power relays from Panasonic Corporation. The HE-S Series relays boast the industry’s smallest multi-contact package with a capacity greater than 35A, and operate at a low power of just 1.88W.

Panasonic HE-S Series power relays feature a high-capacity resistive switching load rating of 5A at 277V AC for 50,000 cycles and an EN60947-4-1-compliant mirror contact structure. The 30 × 36 × 40mm package reduces the relay’s footprint, maximising board space. The HE-S Series has a normally open contact gap of 3.2mm which makes this relay VDE0126 compliant for European photovoltaic standards and meets the 2.5kV surge breakdown voltage between contacts required to be compliant with the EN61810-1 Industry standard. The coil holding voltage can be reduced up to 30 per cent of the nominal coil voltage, equal to an operating power of approximately 170mW, which contributes equipment energy savings.

The low-power HE-S Series relays can be incorporated into safe cutoff circuits for AC mains in power conditioners, photovoltaic power generators, and power storage systems. The relays are also suitable for power control applications in industrial equipment, including elevators and uninterruptable power supplies.

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