Mouser offers small footprint, low power USB Type-C devices

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Mouser offers small footprint, low power USB Type-C devicesMouser Electronics is now stocking the USB Type-C Portfolio from Fairchild Semiconductor. Developed to aid manufacturers designing thinner, sleeker next-generation USB devices that consume less power and offer higher energy efficiency, Fairchild's USB Type-C Portfolio not only provides backward-compatibility with USB legacy data protocols and standards, but the devices also enable manufacturers to quickly and easily add USB functionality to almost any existing or future application with a USB port. The portfolio of USB Type-C devices available through Mouser Electronics include USB controllers, USB 3.1 SuperSpeed switches and protection ICs; Mouser says these are offered in footprints up to 43 per cent smaller and with power consumptions up to 10 times less than many competitive alternatives on the market today.

The Fairchild USB Type-C Portfolio incorporates an I2C interface to communicate with the application's host processor for control and command, bypassing the need for an integrated microprocessor. This system partitioning benefit enables Fairchild to offer some of the smallest, most flexible and lowest-power devices in the industry – a critical requirement for many of today's increasingly small and thin battery-powered devices.

All the USB Type-C devices feature ultra-low power consumption in standby mode and active cable detection and power support. Several of the devices perform basic features such as detect attachment, orientation and device type (dual-role port, downstream facing port and upstream facing port), while others support more advanced functionality such as data role swap, power role swap, hard reset, soft reset, active cable support, Vendor-Defined Messaging (VDM) packet transmission and high-power charging up to 100W.

All devices within the USB Type-C Portfolio are offered in compact package options, including a very small 1.2x1.3mm WLCSP package that is said to be several times smaller than the competition. The small package options, combined with a very comprehensive offering of devices, enable the Fairchild USB Type-C Portfolio to meet a wide variety of application requirements, accelerate time-to-market, and give manufacturers more choice and flexibility in selecting the device with the best mix of capabilities for their USB Type-C end applications.

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