ADuM140D/E digital isolators protect data in harsh environments

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ADuM140D/E digital isolators protect data in harsh environments Mouser Electronics is now stocking the ADuM140D/E quad-channel digital isolators from Analog Devices. The robust ADuM140D/E isolators, based on Analog Devices’ patented iCoupler digital isolation technology, combine high-speed complementary metallic oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and monolithic air core transformer technology to provide optimal signal reliability, safety, and performance in a package smaller than typical optocoupler systems.

The Analog Devices ADuM140D/E quad-channel digital isolators provide the surge protection required in harsh, high-voltage and high-noise environments. The ADuM140D/E devices feature 3.75kVRMS withstand voltage and a low maximum propagation delay of 13ns, with pulse width distortion less than 3ns. The devices operate with the supply voltage on either side ranging from 1.8V to 5V, providing compatibility with lower voltage systems as well as enabling voltage translation functionality across the isolation barrier. The devices are available in either of two fail-safe options, in which the outputs transition to a predetermined state when the input power supply is not applied or the inputs are disabled. The devices’ differential architecture is designed for high common-mode transient immunity and high immunity to electrical noise and magnetic interference.

Analog Devices’ ADuM140D/E digital isolators are rated for operating temperatures ranging from -40degC to +125deg C. The devices are suitable for general-purpose multichannel isolation, serial peripheral interface (SPI)/data converter isolation, and industrial fieldbus isolation applications, including those operating in noisy, harsh, and unpredictable healthcare and industrial environments.

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