TI HDC1050 sensor: low-power temp and humidity measurements

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TI HDC1050 sensor: low-power temp and humidity measurementsMouser Electronics is now stocking the HDC1050 low-power digital humidity sensor from Texas Instruments (TI). Combining factory-calibrated humidity- and temperature-sensing elements, the HDC1050 device provides up to 14-bit measurement resolution and excellent accuracy at very low power.

The Texas Instruments HDC1050 low-power digital humidity sensor is available in a 3mm × 3mm PWSON 6-pin DMB package, and provides high accuracy levels while consuming low power across a wide 2.7V–5.5V operating voltage range. The device offers a typical relative humidity (RH) accuracy of +/-3 per cent and temperature accuracy of +/-0.2degC at a low supply current of only 1.3uA (at 1sps, 11-bit RH and temperature measurement), with output through an I2C interface. In battery or power-harvesting applications, the sensor spends most of its time in sleep mode, during which it consumes only 100nA (typical). The HDC1050 sensor features wide operating temperature ranges of –40degC to +125degC for the temperature sensor and –20degC to +60degC for the humidity sensor.

Mouser is also stocking the HDC1050EVM evaluation module, a plug-and-play system for testing the HDC1050 sensor. The module uses a USB interface for control and data streaming, and can be plugged into a PC USB port. With the simple GUI, humidity and temperature measurements can be streaming within a matter of seconds after the EVM is attached to a PC and the GUI is started.

The HDC1050 sensor meets the needs of many sensor applications, including wireless sensing, handheld meters, industrial controls, thermostats/humidistats, HVAC, medical devices, and consumer appliances.

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