SKF launches Customized Interfacing system

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SKF launches Customized Interfacing systemSKF is launching a new SKF Customized Interfacing that integrates the SKF @ptitude condition monitoring suite with customers’ existing ERP and CMMS systems. This allows businesses to review all condition monitoring data in their existing business management system, helping to ensure better decision making for improved performance, efficiency and reliability of systems.

To date, process and condition monitoring data has been widely available, but has traditionally been stored in different and separate data silos. This has made strategic decision making a difficult and complex task. Now, the new SKF Customized Interfacing allows data from multiple condition monitoring and asset management systems to be integrated with information from enterprise-wide resource planning and programming platforms.

This new approach from SKF allows companies to take a far more holistic view of their plant-wide operating technologies. In particular, the improved integration of data, often in real time, creates the potential for greater business automaton, new performance improvements and reduced operating costs.

SKF is in a good position to help customers in this area, as it is the only specialised global supplier that offers a full set of systems. These include: condition monitoring and asset optimisation hardware and software, management tools and in-house consultancy plus, with the new ESB interface, the knowledge and technology to integrate operational data with strategic business planning.

Bjoern Robel, Development Manager with Industrial Mobile Solutions at SKF explains: “This is an important step forward, and the first time that such a system has been available to harness the power of SKF’s @ptitude suite of condition monitoring technologies with the strategic management potential of ERP platforms. We see this as a critical tool to help customers enhance their business processes still further, while gaining a vital edge in increasingly competitive global markets”.

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