MESAX 70 multi-spot laser distance measuring sensor from Baumer

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Baumer is announcing the new innovative and compact multi-spot MESAX laser distance measuring sensor. Immediately ready to use, the sensor provides accurate and repeatable measurement results, without elaborate conversion or external software.

The innovative multi-spot measuring principle from Baumer is based on the light section method. In the sensor, up to 600 measured values of an object are recorded and the distance is then calculated on the basis of intelligent analysis.

Baumer’s sensor takes up to 500 distance measurements per second at a resolution of up to 2um (0.008 per cent of the measuring range), providing very stable measurement results even under varying ambient light conditions. This makes the MESAX multi-spot a useful product in the field of optical laser distance measurement and the optimal tool for a variety of applications in testing and measurement. Example application fields are precise measurement of glossy objects in quality inspection or optimal positioning of grinding disks with coarse surfaces.

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