Drop-in Bluetooth technology: Panasonic PAN1760 modules

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Drop-in Bluetooth technology: Panasonic PAN1760 modulesMouser Electronics is now stocking the PAN1760 Bluetooth Smart module from Panasonic. This place-and-play Bluetooth Smart (low energy technology) module is based on a Toshiba system-on-chip with an integrated Bluetooth Smart controller, ARM7 core, Bluetooth low energy protocol stack, API, and GATT profile.

The Panasonic PAN1760 Bluetooth Smart module is a fully autonomous device, suited for stand-alone operation, with integrated 512Kbits of EEPROM and 32KBytes of RAM for application code storage and execution. It offers I2C, SPI, two UART, and 10 general purpose input output (GPIO) interfaces, as well as wake-up control pins and a four-channel analogue-to-digital converter (ADC). The module is also software- and hardware-compatible with the Panasonic PAN1026 module, allowing the devices to be used together in Bluetooth dual-mode networks.

Mouser is also stocking the Panasonic EVAL_PAN1760EMK Experimenter Kit, which simplifies both firmware and hardware development by integrating the PAN1760 module, an ARM Cortex-M3 processor, and UART interface on a single board. The PAN1760 module and Experimenter Kit can help wireless designers quickly add Bluetooth low energy technology to embedded devices, wearables, industrial and medical diagnostic systems, and mobile phone accessories.

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