NCH Europe extends its X-Rust 7 range by launching a gel

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NCH Europe is extending its X-Rust 7 range of rust removal products by launching a gel that can be used where immersion of an item in a liquid bath is not possible. The gel is pH neutral, effective at room temperature and leaves a temporary protective coating after application.

Developed by NCH Europe’s Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform, X-Rust 7 Gel’s formulation is designed to cleverly penetrate surfaces and its viscosity allows it to adhere to surfaces effectively.

The product will be used extensively in the industries whose economies most suffer from rust. These are the chemical sector, construction, manufacturing, petroleum, petrochemical, pulp and paper and transportation, including railroad, the automotive sector and aerospace.

Example applications include vehicle bodywork, tanks and mudguards, machine tool tables and beds, large metal components and assemblies, metal gates and railings, construction equipment, buildings, agricultural vehicles and marine environments.

While immersion is the best way of removing rust from a product, there are many vulnerable applications where this wouldn’t be viable. This could be because the item is too large or because it is fixed in place.

As a result of being pH neutral, the gel is safer to use and kinder to the environment than its acid-based competitors.

X-Rust 7 gel is applied with a brush and can remove light to medium rusting in as little as 20 minutes. It is non corrosive to steel and will not harm brass, copper, titanium, aluminum, plastic, rubber, cast iron, solder, wood or glass. It does not cause etching and the surface does not have to be neutralised before application, saving precious time.

The temporary coating created by X-Rust 7 Gel buys the user time to apply a rust prevention product, such as NCH Europe’s Resist X Extra or HyZinc Extra.

Peter Crossen, VP of NCH Europe’s Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform explains: “Corrosion costs around three per cent of global GDP (Gross Domestic Product). That’s around US $2.2 trillion”.

Unlike most products on the market, there is no need to apply a heat source to make X-Rust 7 Gel work effectively. This results in an additional energy saving, which reduces operational costs.

X-Rust 7 is supplied in a single pack containing two 5L tubs and has a shelf life of 3 years unopened or 6 months once the seal is broken. This life span will not be reduced, even if rust particles make their way into the gel. X-Rust 7 can be used at temperatures from 5degC to 30degC.

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