Wieland wipos power supplies are compact, powerful and reliable

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Wieland wipos power supplies are compact, powerful and reliableWieland Electric is adding new compact units to its range of wipos power supplies that are said to perform far better than their size woudl suggest. Slim and powerful, the wipos PS1 and PS3 PSUs have a robust design that means performance is not affected even under under arduous conditions; the ambient operating temperature range is from -40 to +70degC, and these power supplies still deliver 100 per cent power at 60degC.

The wipos PS1 is available in power ratings from 1.25A to 20A and the wipos PS3 from 5A to 40A, with the latter maintaining a full output even during single-phase operation. wipos power supplies also offer reserve capacity, with a 120 per cent power boost for 10 seconds.

Power supply units are the core of the control cabinet and Wieland's wipos PS1 and PS3 provide consistent, constant and reliable outputs for a wide variety of applications.

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