Standardised vision systems for factory automation

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In collaborative assembly technology there is no room for human error, but with something that comes naturally it is difficult to overcome this challenge. Machine vision systems are a crucial way of jumping this hurdle and ATM Automation says it has perfected them.

ATM's vision systems are part of the company's new BuildAssist range and are built on a standardised and proven concept with a choice of up to eight cameras. These then have the capabilities to check colour, part orientation, major and minor part defects, and shape and size of individual parts. A key function of ATM's vision systems is the 'plug and play' concept consisting of quick-change tooling that enables parts to be changed rapidly and with ease.

At the centre of ATM's vision systems is a control system with administrator login that enables the creation of a detailed sequence-of-assembly operations to be followed. There are three different sizes of HMI available, 6, 12 and 15inch; along with the on-screen instructions, ATM is developing a training video to assist even further. The most beneficial aspect of this system is that no specialist programming skills are required and the concept is extremely easy to grasp.

The problem of human error is obviously difficult to overcome when dealing with semi-automated machines. However, ATM's Vision and Verification reduce this as much as possible; they immediately check and highlight any faults within the parts, no matter how large or small. The next stage of the process is to store the image of said fault. These machines are then programmed to archive all images to a compressed file for later retrieval, enabling electronic audits of part or assembly quality.

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