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Murrelektronik makes motors easy to connectMurrelektronik’s new power connectors (M12, M15 and M23) make motors easy to connect. The M12 power connector is the most compact and powerful 5 pole M12 connector on the market. The new M15 power standard connection technology of the MQ15-X-Power connector enables very quick assembly. Murrelektronik’s M23 connectors are an established standard product to connect servo motors.

Perfect contacts, seal and media resistance are basic requirements to all connector types. The field of motor connections requires additional, special features. Wide connection cross sections, high performance in a very compact design and most important: an integrated anti-vibration locking mechanism that makes sure the connector is tight even with very strong vibrations. Murrelektronik offers power cables for different applications and motor types that meet these requirements.

Its very compact design makes the M12 Power connector well suited for linear drives, brushless DC or step motors. It has a capacity of up to 2 × 16A at max. 63V AC/DC. The Murrelektronik product range comprises cord sets with open ended wires, connection cables, flange connectors and adapters – which offers a vast number of installation options.

The MQ15 X is designed for quick connections with reverse polarity protection of asynchronous motors up to 7.5kW. The connector offers three power contacts up to 16A, PE and two auxiliary contacts up to 10A. The quick connection technology ensures sealed connections in no time. The moulded plugs make sure the connector is sealed, tamper-proof and prevents wiring errors. The programme range is complemented by flange connectors with an M20 outer thread. These connectors are simply attached to terminal boxes with a screw connection.

With the M23-Drives range, Murrelektronik offers the most powerful 8 pole M23 connector currently on the market (with a reference ambient temperature of 40degC). With 28A/630V per pin for the power contacts and 8A/300V for the signal contacts, the connectors are suitable even for high-performance drives and servo motors of the AC/DC range. A complete 360 degree shielding ensures very low interference emission. The M23 also features a high-quality locking mechanism that ensures permanently sealed connections with the hex thread and the suitable torque wrench. The coding arrow on the housing is a practical installation aid. A corrugated tube connection, high-quality, original Siemens cables and excellent seal even when exposed to oil in industrial applications are additional strong points of Murrelektronik’s M23-Drives cordsets.

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