drylin E – pick and place inspection flat gantry

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drylin E – pick and place inspection flat gantryAutomating tasks assists manufacturing effectiveness, enabling lower costs, shorter production times and faster response with local production. igus is promoting its drylin E modular gantry system that provides a simple, affordable and reliable way of automating pick-and-place, test and measurement, or labelling and marking functions.

A complete system can be easily constructed utilising drylin E linear modules, toothed belts, gear racks and NEMA stepper motors. igus energy chains and cabling are used to protect wiring during movement and assist gantry operation.

The maintenance-free drylin E flat gantry requires no external lubrication and offers clean, corrosion free operation. It is suitable for loads up to 30kg, and can reach speeds of up to 1.5m/s. Go to the igus website, configure a gantry to have a full system assembled and shipped in 24 hours at To watch a short video clip showing the drylin E flat gantry used in a laser marking application, please follow this link:

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