1m in up to 3s: ‘quick openers’ from Kabelschlepp Metool

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The cable carriers from the EASYTRAX, QUICKTRAX and UNIFLEX Advanced series have one thing in common: they are designed to be opened quickly. This makes installation and replacement of cables and hoses particularly easy, saving users time and money.

Measurements have shown that on the Uniflex Advanced 1455, users can open 1m of cable carrier in only 3 seconds using the available opening tool – that must be a record! The background: the crossbars are equipped with ball joints. It ensures fast cable laying and also makes the cable carrier especially stable in the closed state. The crossbars open to the inside or to the outside. When open, the crossbar remains on the chain link or it can be removed completely by turning. This low-noise, solid plastic cable carrier is lightweight and at the same time very robust. Reinforced wear areas on the outside additionally allows a very long service life for applications laying on their side.

The EASYTRAX and QUICKTRAX series also allow quick installation: the QUICKTRAX series features crossbars with flexible film hinges which allow easy handling for the lay in of cables and hoses. The EASYTRAX series on the other hand is equipped with flexible lamella crossbars into which the cables simply snap in. A very high fill level can be achieved as the crossbars swivel to the side and not into the cable space. The two-component technology is used for both series, combining chain links made of a hard material with flexible crossbars. This allows the construction of cable carriers which combine the seemingly contradictory properties of stability and flexibility.

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