HS20 long-range laser encoder for highly accurate positioning

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HS20 long-range laser encoder for highly accurate positioningRenishaw’s proven HS20 laser encoder system has been upgraded and is now able to achieve a new maximum speed of 2m/s for large machine tool applications. Previously the system, which can deliver an accuracy of +/-1um/m for axis lengths up to 60m, was limited to 1m/s but through improvements to the electronic design it has been possible to double the speed performance.

This improved speed allows for the HS20 laser head to be designed into higher velocity applications which are becoming more common in today’s manufacturing industries. The aerospace industry is a key market for large machine tools which require long-range but highly accurate encoder systems. With throughput being a key consideration in any machine tool purchase, the improved speed of the HS20 ensures that it will continue to be the preferred long-range laser encoder of choice.

The HS20 long-range laser system combines the ultimate accuracy of a laser interferometer with the robustness needed for machine tool applications. It offers real-time position feedback with sub-micron resolution through both analogue and digital quadrature.

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