CPe-4000 series I/O cards for Synchros, Resolvers, LVDT/RVDT

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The CPe-4000 series are Compact PCI-Express (cPCIe) and PXI Express (PXIe) compliant I/O cards for the simulation and measurement of Synchros, Resolvers, LVDT/RVDT. Up to four channels of output plus up to two channels of inputs are available on one 3Ucard. A wide range of programmeable features is included, including Dynamic Position, Direction, Velocity and acceleration. Sophisticated, Built-in-Self-test, wrap-around is standard.

Key features of this product are:

  • Single or multi-speed
  • Resolution 16 bit to 24 bit
  • Accuracy 1 arc minute
  • Drives +/- 90 degree phase shifts
  • Interfaces to external Synchro power amplifiers
  • Aircraft
  • Naval and 50/60Hz frequencies/voltages
  • Fully isolated I/O

This new series of card meets requirements for fast and efficient processing of data using multiple I/O on a single card. Applications include Data Distribution Systems, Legacy Upgrades, Navigation systems, Fire Control and LVDT actuator simulation.

More information about the CPe-4000 series can be found at

24 February 2016

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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