New dual-extruder 3D printer and standalone control unit

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New dual-extruder 3D printer and standalone control unitConrad Business Supplies is launching the renkforce RF2000 3D printer. Manufactured in Germany from the in-house designed renkforce brand, the RF2000 features dual extruders, two-colour printing and the capability to create water-soluble 3D objects or support structures. The new 3D printer joins the single-extruder RF1000 that was launched in 2013. In addition, Conrad is introducing the 3D Printbox control unit that can be used in place of a PC to provide more convenient management of the 3D printer.

According to Conrad, The RF2000 provides all the functionality and simple operation of the RF1000, but with substantially enhanced features. These include improved lighting inside the chamber for better visibility during the printing process, a heated glass ceramic chamber base that provides improved adhesion during printing, and a large, high-contrast liquid crystal display (LCD) to improve the user interface. Other enhancements to the design improve the safety and cooling of the unit – these include an additional fan and an emergency stop button.

To support this new 3D printer, Conrad has created the 3D Printbox, which serves as a plug-and-play control unit for the RF1000 and RF2000, as well as other compatible 3D printers from leading brands such as MakerBot. The Printbox can be operated either through a local network or via the free-to-use 'Astroprint cloud' that enables a smartphone, tablet or PC to be connected to the device through the internet. As well as providing control and management functions for the printer, the Printbox further provides storage for 3D modelling data and high-resolution images. A webcam, available as an optional extra, allows for constant monitoring of pressure while the device is operational.

Andreas Bös, Head of New Business and Innovations at Conrad, comments: "Following the successful launch of our renkforce RF1000 single-extruder 3D printer at the end of 2013, we listened to customer feedback. The new RF2000 model provides users with an even more advanced and capable device. With 3D printers now being used in a wide variety of industries and sectors we expect this printer to appeal to our core professional and business customers, as well as hobbyists seeking industry grade equipment for their projects."

Follow the links for more information about the renkforce RF2000 3D printer and 3D Printbox control unit.

26 February 2016

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