Mouser now stocking Cypress FM4 S6E2GM Pioneer Kit

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Mouser now stocking Cypress FM4 S6E2GM Pioneer Kit Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the FM4 S6E2GM Pioneer Kit from Cypress Semiconductor. This easy-to-use platform allows developers to design with and evaluate the FM4 S6E2GM-Series of 32-bit microcontrollers. The S6E2GM-Series microcontrollers are based on the 180MHz ARM Cortex‑M4 processor with 1 MByte of on-chip flash memory and 192 Kbytes of SRAM. The kit enables rapid development of high-performance embedded systems using an Arduino Uno-compatible interface to connect to Arduino shields for low-cost hardware expansion.

The Cypress FM4 S6E2GM Pioneer Kit includes the S6E2GM Pioneer board, a quick start guide, and a USB-A to micro-B cable. The Pioneer board’s peripherals include an accelerometer and phototransistor, a stereo codec, and multi-color LEDs, plus a microphone jack, line-in jack, and headphone jack. The onboard S6E2GM-Series microcontroller offers 153 general-purpose inputs and outputs (GPIOs) plus a 12-bit analogue-to digital converter (ADC). For communication, the microcontroller offers 10/100 Ethernet, USB host and device, CAN, LIN, Quad SPI, I2S, I2C, and UART interfaces. Additionally, engineers can program and debug the microcontroller via a CMISI-DAP JTAG emulator.

The Cypress FM4 S6E2GM Pioneer Kit helps developers to create applications for sensors, audio, motion tracking, and more in tight development schedules. For more information please visit

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