VOLTCRAFT power inverters with different socket types

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Conrad Business Supplies is to begin stocking a new comprehensive series of input voltage inverters with pure or modified sine waves as part of their in-house VOLTCRAFT product range. The new selection is composed of 14 models, each configured to meet different performance classes and signal outputs. They are available in one of the three main socket types used in Europe, giving a total of over 40 new products. The inverters are well suited to providing protection for sensitive electronics, such as laptops, TVs or charging and measuring devices.

With nearly all modern electronic equipment requiring a precise input voltage, to prevent component damage or alleviate safety risks, it is vital that the input is kept constant. This new range of VOLTCRAFT inverters will convert a battery voltage of 12V or 24V to AC and at the required voltage to ensure safe, accurate and reliable operation.

In addition, the inverter offers under and over voltage shutdown functionality to protect the battery, which can significantly extend the battery life.

A selection of the new inverters also includes a USB port, expanding the application possibilities for supplying power to computer equipment such as tablets and smartphones. They also offer an easy, trouble-free installation in all vehicles.

Thomas Pilhofer, Product Manager, Category Business Supplies comments: “The introduction of this new series of power inverters will help us provide customers working in different sectors including trade, services, long-distance transport, construction and emergency response vehicles (fire services, police, dog rescue units) with well made, rugged, lightweight and dependable sources of safe power for their portable electronic devices. Like all the products in the VOLTCRAFT product range, these devices are designed and built to the highest standards and offer excellent value.”

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08 March 2016

Conrad Electronic International GmbH & Co KGvisit website
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