THERM-A-GAP TPS60 for effective heat dissipation

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THERM-A-GAP TPS60 for effective heat dissipationTHERM-A-GAP TPS60, a new thermal interface material with exceptional thermal conductivity and very low deflection force, has been unveiled by Chomerics Europe, a division of Parker Hannifin.

Designed for effective heat dissipation in telecommunication, IT and automotive applications, THERM-A-GAP TPS60 comprises a soft (Shore 00-35) silicone matrix filled with thermally conductive particles. As a result, it demonstrates exceptional conformability as a putty-type material.

This innovative gap filler enables low thermal contact resistance under low applied pressure, and is targeted at the filling of air voids between PC boards or high-temperature components, as well as heatsinks, metal enclosures and chassis. With its superior thermal performance and long term stability, the product offers distinct advantages over conventional thermal pads.

Importantly, the product’s conformability in combination with its high thermal conductivity reduces the risk of damaging fragile components and ensures fast heat transfer away from electronic components. As a high-performance material, THERM-A-GAP TPS60 is suitable for critical heat dissipation tasks applications such as thermally enhanced ball grid arrays, memory packages and modules, as well as GPU/CPUs. A fabric carrier version is also available for improved tear resistance and easy handling.

THERM-A-GAP TPS60 offers standard thicknesses of 1.0 to 5.0mm, while further features of this RoHS-compliant product include thermal conductivity of 7.5W/m-K@20psi, electrical isolation and a specific gravity of 3.26.

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