New IDS USB3 cameras with fast Python CMOS sensors

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New IDS USB3 cameras with fast Python CMOS sensors IDS (Imaging Development Systems GmbH) is launching four new USB 3 uEye CP cameras featuring high-speed Python CMOS sensors from ON Semiconductor. Using the special AOI (area of interest) feature with horizontal and vertical read-out, a top speed of more than 1000fps can be achieved with these cameras.

The new sensors are the Python 500 (0.5MP, 575fps), Python 1300 (1.3MP, 224fps), Python 2000 (2.3MP, 165fps) and Python 5000 (5.3MP, 72fps). Their innovative ability to partially read out both horizontally and vertically enables them to reach high frame rates and makes these new cameras especially suitable for use in slow motion or high-speed applications. All four new models are available in colour or monochrome versions, complete with a global shutter.

IDS says that the UI-3130CP with the Python 500 sensor is the fastest it offers in the optical class below 1MP, providing more than 570fps at full resolution (0.5MP, 800x600 pixels). This camera is particularly suitable for slow motion or high-speed tracking applications.

The 1.3MP UI-3140CP model has impressive EMVA1288 technical data and its low noise makes it very well suited for machine vision applications. With a 1/2inch sensor, this model achieves a maximum speed of more than 220fps at full resolution (1280x1024 pixels), which IDS says makes it the fastest USB 3 machine vision camera with this sensor currently on the market. It is suitable for use in tracking, robotics and continuous web inspection, as well as machine vision applications.

With a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels (2.3MP), the UI-3160CP featuring the Python 2000 sensor is designed to provide full HD at more than 180fps, which meets the needs of medical and industrial engineering, as well as visualisation tasks.

The new UI-3180CP with the 1inch Python 5000 sensor is believed to be the highest resolution camera with a global shutter in this optical class (5MP). With 2592x2048 pixels and 72fps achievable at full resolution, this is excellent for use in microscopy applications. The AOI feature enables the full resolution to be switched to the square 2Kx2K format to reach higher frame rates if required.

Follow the link for more information about IDS USB 3 uEye CP cameras.

23 March 2016

IDS Imaging Development Systemsvisit website
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