Parker's Pro Display 10 and UX Toolkit for mobile applications

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Parker's Pro Display 10 and UX Toolkit for mobile applicationsParker Hannifin Corporation is releasing a new touchscreen display and a new Parker UX Toolkit allowing OEM customers to develop tailored and interactive Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications for mobile machines and vehicles.

The Parker UX Toolkit is a programming tool suitable for creating professional, user-friendly HMI applications covering instrumentation, controls and adjustments for use on the new Parker Pro Display. The combination of the toolkit and display easily facilitates advanced features such as auto-steering, auto-levelling, weighing, navigation and camera systems on a single, centralised, user-friendly display – any or all of which can be implemented by the OEM to suit their markets.

Based on an advanced scripting language (QML) with drag-and-drop functionality and a full WYSIWYG editor, the toolkit includes many ready-made components and a style guide with a professional default theme for quick and easy programming of applications. The included applications can be modified allowing OEMs to customise their displays to suit the markets they serve and their end customers. Furthermore, the ability to customise dashboards means that the end customer has the ability to pre-define multiple views to focus on the information relevant to the task in hand.

Built into the toolkit is System Project – a special project type which can be imported as a part of each actual application project. This control system setup standardises common system data and defines boundaries and rules for the applications. By centralising this information every application has access to the core data – time is saved and consistency is ensured across multiple applications.

Parker also provides a number of time-saving building blocks (for example, the J1939 protocol suite) that implement interfaces and communications as well as extracting data in an intelligent manner to allow for efficient in-built diagnostics and alarm features.

Key customer benefits include the ability to reduce system downtime by including diagnostics, prognostics, integrated documentation, geo-fencing and other indicator applications. Other personal tools can be incorporated, including productivity tools such as calendars, driver log books and calculators as well as infotainment and entertainment applications. There is no limit to the number of applications that can be created and implemented.

A choice of Prime or Advanced versions of the Parker Pro Display 10 are available. Both have a 10.1 inch IPS LCD (264mm × 181mm × 52mm) with a capacitive touchscreen. Offering ingress protection to IP65, the screen incorporates an advanced ARM Cortex A9 processor and 2GB of memory. If needed, more memory can be added via a micro SD card slot and/or USB port. The touchscreen display incorporates four CAN channels, 2 × USB, RS232, Ethernet and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allowing it to interface easily and quickly with a wide variety of systems. In addition, infotainment capability is supported by Line IN/OUT, microphone IN, and FM-RDS radio tuner for audio, and 2 × analogue composite video inputs.

Discussing the new release, Bernard Spinnox, Marketing & Business Development Manager – Europe, Parker Electronic Controls Division comments: “We are excited to bring this new capability to our customers. The powerful combination of ease-of-use and ultimate flexibility allows our customers to develop market-leading applications and functionality within their machines and vehicles which, in turn, will bring substantial benefits to end users.”

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