DIRAK multi-point compression lock system from FDB

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The new DIRAK compression rod latch from FDB Panel Fittings facilitates a multi-point 3 or 5 point system with 4mm clamping at each latching point so ensuring constant pressure over the entire edge length with a high degree of sealing. It will be suited to large electrical and electronic cabinets in outdoor or internal wash-down areas.

A quality die-cast engineered latch mechanism operates with a 90 degree turn of an external swinghandle, followed by a further 45 degree turn which creates the 4mm pull-down. 8mm round rods or 3×14mm flat rods are used to interconnect between individual latches which may be LH or RH closing.

The system is suited to large wall-mounted enclosures up to floor-standing cabinets where additional latches may be incorporated into the mechanism for extra closing force over very long door edges.

Further information about the new DIRAK compression rod latch can be found at the online shopping website

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