IndraDrive ML for higher voltages and marine applications

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IndraDrive ML for higher voltages and marine applicationsWith additional variants for the voltage range from 525V to 690V, Rexroth is expanding the range of uses of IndraDrive ML drives for outputs up to 4MW. International and application-specific certifications reduce engineering effort for universal use in industrial machinery and equipment as well as in marine and offshore applications.

Wherever machinery and equipment requires drive power of several hundred kilowatt up to the megawatt range, the trend is toward higher supply voltages up to 690V. The current is reduced due to the higher voltage and smaller wire sizes can be used. New facilities use almost exclusively devices with 690V supply voltage, in particular in the paper industry, metallurgy, in marine and offshore applications as well as in energy generation. For these requirements Rexroth has developed additional variants of Large Electric Drives IndraDrive ML for the voltage range from 525V to 690V. They supplement the proven product line for supply voltages from 380 to 500V. The space-saving, modular universal inverters generate drive power between 110kW and 500kW per device, and in parallel connection of up to eight devices up to 4MW.

Regardless of the supply voltage, IndraDrive ML is already certified for industrial application pursuant to CE, UL and CSA. This reduces the engineering and documentation effort for global use. All product lines are currently in the process of being approved by the ship classification authorities GL, DNV, ABS and LR so that they can be used as “type approved” in typical marine and offshore applications, for example anchor and net winches or for hoist, slewing, and luffing drives for ship cranes.

IndraDrive ML can be operated as supply or frequency changer or as motor inverter. This minimises variants, simplifies handling, and reduces storage costs for OEMs and end users. The universal inverters are particularly suitable for complex multi-axis applications. Drive-based Motion Logic systems regulate synchronised movements via their own intelligence, even without higher-level control units. The certified safety technology “Safety on Board” also integrated in the drives reduces engineering effort for standard-compliant machine safety. With a multi-Ethernet interface for all common communication protocols and one multi-encoder interface, the drives seamlessly integrate even into heterogeneous automation environments.

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