Spinplus shaft coupling suits highly dynamic applications

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Spinplus shaft coupling suits highly dynamic applicationsAbssac is promoting the Schmidt-Kupplung Spinplus shaft coupling for applications such as servo and stepper drives where there is a need for very low weight and mass moment of inertia. The Spinplus coupling achieves this by means of an innovative function element that is manufactured from spring steel using metal injection moulding (MIM); this MIM component allows for universal displacement in a single plane (see photograph below).

As well as achieving an exceptionally low mass moment of inertia, the design is also very light, which benefits dynamic equipment such as robotics. Despite the emphasis on lightness, the backlash-free Spinplus coupling benefits from high torsional stiffness and reliable bidirectional torque transmission.

There are two designs of clamp hub, both of which are manufactured from aluminium (see photograph above right): Version A has a slimmer hub and offers the lowest mass moment of inertia; Version B also has a low mass moment of inertia but can be used with larger shaft diameters. Nominal torque ratings range from 1.2 to 20Nm, and the maximum speed ranges from 8000-16,000rpm, depending on the coupling size.

As well as applications involving servos, steppers and robotics, the Spinplus shaft coupling can also be used for handling and automation systems, high-resolution measurement systems, and other demanding applications. In addition, the Spinplus couplings are fail-safe in that they will continue to transmit torque even in the event of a failure of the function element.

For higher torques or arduous reversing servo applications, the function element can be modified to achieve the performance characteristics required.

Follow the link for more information and to download a technical catalogue for the Spinplus shaft coupling from Abssac.

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