iglidur X – the high-tech problem solver

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iglidur X – the high-tech problem solveriglidur X from igus is defined by its combination of high temperature resistance with compressive strength, along with high resistance to chemicals. In comparison with other iglidur materials, this material is designed for extreme environments. Typical areas of application include plastics processing, petrochemical and petrol pumps, as well as heat treatment plants, aerospace engineering and nuclear engineering.

The material’s resistance to acids, alkalis, fuels and other chemicals, as well as resistance to radiation and UV light make it a high-tech problem solver in the industry. It offers excellent wear resistance through the entire range of continuous operating temperatures from –100degC to +250degC, even up to +315degC for short-term periods.

Further material properties include high compressive strength, featuring pv values of maximum 1.32MPa•m/s, and low moisture absorption of approximately 0.1 per cent by weight in ambient conditions. As a result, OEMs can benefit from an affordable and reliable bearing that operates safely over a long service life.

As with all plain bearing materials from igus, iglidur X bearings are self-lubricating and maintenance free, making them an excellent ‘fit and forget’ option. All standard plain bearing sizes are available with dispatch within 24 hours.

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