Rotating torque sensor has wireless signal transmission

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Rotating torque sensor has wireless signal transmissionThe Basic Line Torque Sensor from Kistler Instruments (Type 4520A Torque Sensor) uses FM wireless technology to transmit the signal from the rotating shaft and so eliminates the signal distortion and loss inherent in slip-ring sensors. The maintenance-free, long-term reliability advantages of the contactless signal transmission do not come at a premium price but at around the same cost as slip-ring types.

The Kistler Type 4520A, a strain gauge torque sensor for use at speeds up to 10,000 rpm (ten thousand rpm), is available in 10 ranges from 1 to 1000Nm all with +/-10V analogue signal output, a TTL speed signal at 60 pulses/rev, an overload capacity of 150 per cent and an external 100 per cent range check input are all standard. The high frequency response and robust anodised aluminium body giving IP40 protection makes the Type 4520A suitable for static and dynamic measurement of rotating torque in assembly and quality control in production and for R & D applications in the laboratory.

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