BEI’s new LP series encoders suit extreme environments

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BEI’s new LP series encoders suit extreme environmentsThe recently launched LP series low profile encoders from BEI Sensors are designed for high[reliability position and speed feedback in harsh and challenging environments. Available from BEI’s UK distributor, Variohm EuroSensor, the IP66-rated encoder utilises innovative sensing technology with a choice of incremental or absolute single-turn output that allows for accurate position and speed feedback for demanding applications in industrial manufacturing, processing industries, agriculture, oil & gas and building automation. The impressive environmental specification includes temperature extremes of – 40 to +100degC, and thanks to encapsulated electronics, shock is rated to 3000m/s2 (5ms 1/2 sine) with vibration to 200m/s2 (55 to 2000Hz).

The LP series features an aluminium housing with a nominal square size of 90mm and is offered in three model variants with programmable resolution versions and a wide choice of shaft interfacing and electrical termination options. A compact cable or connector version facilitates straightforward installation in confined spaces whilst a terminal box option makes safe pre-wiring a possibility. Both these options are offered with a width of just 26mm whilst the third version is a 51mm wide ATEX-IECx-rated explosion-proof model with a terminal box.

Incremental encoder versions have HTL-TTL outputs with a maximum resolution of 10,000 ppr and are optionally available with a programmable resolution which also provides commutation channels. Absolute versions feature a single turn resolution of up to 16-bits with an SSI output – also available as a programmable option. Enhanced electronics options on some models provide protection against mis-wiring, overvoltage protection up to 60V, and strong signal output for longer cable runs.

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