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Seals that deal with extreme performance from SKF SKF has developed a highly effective collection of seals for extreme conditions, based on a range of advanced materials. The SKF Spectraseal products are custom-designed for each application and machined from advanced polymeric materials including PTFE, UHMWPE, PEEK, PPS, PA and POM.

They offer reliable performance under harsh conditions, such as high pressure, extreme temperature, and chemical and physical abrasion – where those made from conventional materials such as standard elastomers and thermoplastics would fail.

Jade Gilroy, Channel and Platform Development Manager Seals at SKF says: “SKF will work with your team, step-by-step, to optimise both seal and hardware design. Our support is comprehensive and extends from early prototyping and design of the seal, right through to material selection and testing.”

The process of specifying an SKF Spectraseal product begins with a consultation, in which SKF seal engineers assess the situation: whether it is a new application or a replacement for a ‘problem’ seal. Within a few days, SKF generates an initial seal design for review. Once approved, this initial design is machined and tested, then optimised if necessary. Once the final design is agreed, seal production begins – with ongoing support as required, especially by changes in applications.

SKF Spectraseal can be used across the whole spectrum of industry:

  • Oil and gas: high-pressure seals for chemical injection pumps deliver reliable performance at up to 1380 bar (more than 20,000 psi), while spring-energised seals for ball and plug valves are reliable at temperatures down to -250degC (-418degF)
  • General industrial: PTFE shaft seals in high-speed blowers seal non-lubricating media at rotation speeds greater than 20m/s
  • Medical and healthcare: A spring-energised seal is used to protect bearings on a high-speed surgical tool. The seal has to tolerate 17,000 rpm and repeated sterilisation processes
  • Food and beverage: a rod packaging assembly, featuring FDA-compliant materials, is sealing homogenisers at 700bar (10,000 psi) at temperatures up to 110degC (230degF)

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