New high-performance actuators available in UK

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Motion control products made by Diakont (USA, Italy) are now available in the UK through INMOCO. Diakont is a global company offering a full range of high-technology products and services that enhance the performance, safety and economy of the energy, automation and manufacturing industries. Founded in 1990, Diakont now has over 1300 employees worldwide, multiple manufacturing and support facilities and a comprehensive solution portfolio.

Diakont’s state-of-the-art DA electromechanical actuators (EMAs) feature precision-machined roller screws integrated with permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) to provide exceptional power, accuracy, and reliability in a compact form factor.

Known for long life, rugged construction and minimal maintenance, integrated roller screw actuators are suitable for demanding applications such as robotic weld guns, servo presses, injection moulding machines, factory automation and discrete manufacturing applications.

Diakont DA-Series actuators deliver lead accuracy of 0.001 in/ft along with a nominal backlash of 0.004 in (with zero-backlash preloaded options available as an option). They replace hydraulic and pneumatic actuators and are compatible with various third party servo drives and amplifiers.

Diakont actuators are ruggedised for reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions. They withstand temperature extremes (-40degC to +100degC), shock and vibration, and are available with IP ratings for specialty applications. Diakont offers a broad range of standard actuators which suit most requirements; however they are designed so that they are easily customised to suit specific requirements.

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