VSO Max HP miniature proportional valve from Parker

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VSO Max HP miniature proportional valve from ParkerThe Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin is releasing its VSO MAX HP miniature high flow proportional valve. This innovation combines delivery of high flow rates with 25 per cent less power consumption than comparable miniature proportional valves. VSO MAX HP provides flows greater than 200 SLPM at 3.10 bar, whilst consuming less than 2 watts of power, making it suitable for medical applications that require pressure and volume control such as ventilators, insufflators and anesthesia delivery machines.

As the reduction in size of medical devices without compromising on reliability becomes paramount, VSO Max HP has been engineered to deliver an operating pressure of up to 8.27 bar which eliminates the need for an inlet regulator. This allows for a smaller medical device design that offers optimum results and can ultimately result in potential cost savings, plus the consistent flow performance of the VSO Max HP delivers reliability throughout the product life.

REACH and RoHS compliant, cleaned for oxygen service use and with proven performance up to 25 million life cycles, the VSO proportional valve family has been recognised in Life Sciences applications for over a decade. If maximum flow with less power is needed, Parker’s VSO Max HP can deliver.

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