iglidur Q290 bearing material endures harsh environments

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iglidur Q290 bearing material endures harsh environmentsigus is introducing a new, robust bearing material, iglidur Q290, that meets the demanding requirements of agricultural, construction and mining vehicles. In particular, when running on galvanised shafts and in dirty environments, the new bearing material proves a cost-saving, heavy-duty alternative to its metallic counterparts.

Low friction and resistance to dirt are among the strengths of the Q290 material, which is self-lubricating. igus director, Robert Dumayne says: “As there is no need for lubrication, igus bearings are always ready for action. Even on machinery that has been at a standstill for long periods of time. In addition, the absence of lubricant means that there is no chance of soil contamination.”

iglidur Q290 material is now available from stock in six different inner diameters up to 50mm, with no minimum order quantities and availability for shipping within 24 hours. For further information about the new iglidur Q290 material, please visit

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