Parker's Air Saver Module for blowguns saves energy

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Parker's Air Saver Module for blowguns saves energyParker Hannifin is unveiling its innovative pneumatic HASV Air Saver Module for use on blowguns. The HASV has been designed to emit pulsed rather than continuous air, which can reduce air consumption and electricity use by up to 35 per cent.

Blowguns are used extensively in factories the world over. Machine shops, fabrication facilities, assembly plants and electronics factories all utilise blowguns to remove contaminants such as dust, metal fines and liquids. However, such devices typically use continuous blow technology, which does not support low energy usage or good environmental credentials. As a result, Parker developed the HASV Air Saver Module that generates pulsed air whilst also minimising pressure reduction during the short (30ms) off time to maintain the same efficiency as continuous air blow technology.

HASV, which is the latest addition to the company’s pneumatic Air Saver product range introduced in 2015, is a compact unit that is able to generate high power. In addition, it represents safe, easy-to-control, environmentally friendly technology. Any factory or plant can transition from continuous to pulsed air blow as an easy entry point for adopting greener credentials.

At a customer trial plant in the US, installing the Air Saver Module on 50 blowguns located across the production lines provided strong returns. At a pressure of 5Bar (0.5Mpa), operating for a total of 120min per day, the factory calculates that it will save the equivalent to approximately 5500 Euro on its annual electricity bill based on 240 days’ usage.

Further advantages of HASV Air Saver Modules, which do not require a regulator, include a reduction in compressor operating time and noise, plus lower compressor load and maintenance costs; this is achieved without compromising blow pressure or flow volume. Pulse frequency is adjustable between 5 and 15Hz.

Typical applications expected to benefit include any plants needing to remove metal chips or swarf from blind and tapped holes in machined parts such as manifolds, engine blocks and die-cast components, as well facilities that need to remove water or liquid detergents from parts or products after cleaning processes.

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