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Conrad Business Supplies is introducing a new Spot Thermal Camera, from manufacturer FLIR Systems to its growing range of over 1200 thermal detection devices and equipment. The TG130 is designed to identify trouble spots and leaks, so to help save on heating and cooling bills in small offices and homes.

The device benefits from FLIR’s advanced Lepton thermal camera technology that uses a Focal plane array (FPA) and an uncooled microbolometer to give accurate temperature readings. This provides the user with a clear indication of heat loss around doors, floors, walls, pipes, or windows.

Suitable for seasonal inspections, the TG130 is easy to use and requires no special training. The user merely aims at a target area, pulls the trigger to freeze and can then view the results on a 1.8inch TFT LCD. Pocket portable and weighing just 210g, the TG130 is easy to carry and rugged enough to be dropped from up to 2m, without suffering damage. For quick replacement, the device takes AAA batteries and delivers a four-hour battery life with continuous use.

Benedikt Sehr, Product Manager, Category Business Supplies comments: “This TG130 from FLIR should appeal to customers of all requirements, including those who would not normally buy specialist temperature detection equipment. With a simple to use interface that rapidly shows up thermal irregularities this device will help its user cut down on energy waste and spot any temperature irregularities in the office or home.”

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27 July 2016

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