LG Motion launches new Schneeberger roller guideway MR 45

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LG Motion launches new Schneeberger roller guideway MR 45A new generation of roller guideway, the Schneeberger Monorail MR 45 is now available from LG Motion. The renowned Swiss-German manufacturer has collated customer feedback on the performance of its products out in the field and has developed the MR 45 with the following key improvements:

  • Serviceability: Compatible with the previous generation of roller guideway, the cross wiper is easily replaced by pulling over the rails, and front plate attachment with four screws
  • Supply of lubricant: Lubricant distribution driven by in-operation condition, pressure-tight lubrication channels, and lubrication in idle. Front plate configured for individual track lubrication, visible from outside
  • Shock resistant: Carriage body optimised for rigidity
  • Soil repellent: Rugged stainless steel front plate with secure attachment, double-lip back-supported cross wiper with extended service life under adverse environmental conditions

A key feature of the Monorail MR 45 is the body that has been improved to take heavy loads. Alongside increased rigidity, the radii in the load-bearing part of the body are 100 per cent longer which greatly improves safety under heavy loads.

The new Monorail MR 45 roller guideway has many other new features which improve the performance of the product. These include plastic parts for improved running properties, cross wiper replacement possible without the need to remove the carriage, improved lubrication in idle to name but a few.

Safe and convenient lubrication

The lubricant distributors are in a pressure tight design available in two options:

  1. A single lube connector for all 4 tracks
  2. Two lube connectors (one for each side of the guideway)

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