Thermoacoustic pressure sensors for harsh conditions up to 700°C

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Thermoacoustic pressure sensors for harsh conditions up to 700°CThe new thermoacoustic pressure sensor from Kistler will be shown for the first time in the UK on Stand D5 at the Sensors & Instrumentation Show at the end of September. Three years of development back Kistler’s new thermoacoustic sensors for pulsation pressure measurements at temperatures up to 700degC in the harshest of operating environments.

Applications include monitoring of gas turbines, and other turbo machinery, R&D of continuous detonation engines, monitoring and control of pressure oscillations in pipes and acoustic thermometry. Kistler’s durable piezoelectric sensors based on proprietary PiezoStar KI100 crystal material have been developed specifically for temperatures up to 700degC and are free of pyroelectric effects.

The three types of sensor; base, non-sparking (Ex-Na) and intrinsically safe (Ex-ia), all with integrated Hardline cables up to 10 metres, make ATEX certified measuring chains simple to construct. All types are supported by matching Softline cables and differential charge amplifiers, all immune to electromagnetic radiation.

All types are acceleration compensated, internally isolated and have a high natural frequency >50kHz. The differential charge amplifier is available in an aluminium case with connectors or glands for Ex-zone installations without additional enclosure and a plastic case DIN rail version with screw terminal connectors. In addition to the standard sensitivity of 6uA/pC or 10mV/pC, a wide range of custom sensitivity and signal output options are available.

Please follow the link for more information about the new thermoacoustic pressure sensor.

01 September 2016

Kistler Instruments Ltdvisit website
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