Mouser now stocking the low-power Intel Curie Module

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Mouser now stocking the low-power Intel Curie Module Mouser Electronics is now stocking the highly anticipated Intel Curie module, a complete low-power module designed for use in wearable devices and consumer and industrial edge products. Powered by the Intel Quark SE system-on-chip (SoC), the Intel Curie module is very power efficient and offers features that are well suited for “always-on” applications such as social media, sports, and fitness activities.

The Intel Curie module features a 32-bit Intel Quark SE SoC with 384 kBytes of flash memory and 80 kBytes of SRAM. The module includes an integrated DSP sensor hub, a 6-axis combination sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope, Bluetooth low energy connectivity, battery charging through a power management IC (PMIC) on some models, and pattern-matching capabilities for optimised analysis of sensor data – enabling quick and easy identification of actions and motions.

The module is packaged into a very small form factor and is supported by a complete software platform that includes the Intel Curie Open Developer Kit (ODK) to make it easier to realize new designs even faster. Created specifically for the Intel Curie module, the software platform is an end-to-end system designed to assist developers by increasing the speed and ease of development of a wide variety of projects and market-ready products. The Intel Curie platform includes the hardware, firmware, software, documentation, and tools that empower developers to create their own differentiated products.

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