Microchip’s RN4870/RN4871 Next-Gen BLE now from Mouser

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Microchip’s RN4870/RN4871 Next-Gen BLE now from MouserMouser Electronics is now offering the RN4870 and RN4871 next-generation Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices from Microchip Technology. The RN4870 and RN4871 modules feature an easy-to-use ASCII-style command interface that makes the devices easy to configure and eliminates any complicated code compiling. The modules support the latest Bluetooth 4.2 specification and have a Bluetooth stack on board with a scripting engine to enable standalone operation and eliminate microcontroller use for simple applications.

The Microchip RN4870 and RN4871 modules deliver up to 2.5 times the data throughput improvement over previous-generation products based on the Bluetooth 4.0 standard. In addition, the new Bluetooth devices offer Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)-based connection security coupled with advanced features. The modules can seamlessly transfer serial data over BLE devices and can support different beacon formats like iBeacon or Eddystone via a single command. Both modules are available in a variety of packages, including compact options as small as 6×8mm and in shielded or unshielded options, with shielded version fully certified to meet worldwide regulatory standards. This, combined with Microchip’s user-friendly interface, helps speed time to market.

Mouser also offers the RN-4870-SNSR development board, which includes an onboard RN4870 module and antenna with 2 dBm output power, sensor board to demonstrate digital and analogue input/output (IO) capabilities, and a mini-USB cable. The RN-4870-SNSR board features Microchip’s PICtail interface for connection to Microchip’s microcontroller development platforms, such as Explorer 16. In addition, developers can use Microchip’s smartphone apps, such as SmartDiscover, to demonstrate Bluetooth data connections to the module.

The RN4870 and RN4871 modules are designed to complement Microchip’s diverse low-energy products designed for low-power applications such as Internet of Things (IoT), smart energy/smart home appliances and automation, health and medical devices, sensor-based systems, industrial control, and wearable devices.

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