Phoenix Contact’s DIN-Rail QUINT4 power supplies now at Mouser

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Phoenix Contact’s DIN-Rail QUINT4 power supplies now at MouserMouser Electronics is now stocking QUINT4 power supply units from Phoenix Contact. These fourth-generation QUINT POWER supplies provide fully customisable products to meet evolving system demands in process industries, machine building, and other industrial applications.

Phoenix Contact’s QUINT4 power supply units give control engineers improved configuration and diagnostics to ensure reliable power to the control system. The new generation includes near-field communications (NFC), real-time monitoring, coordinated surge protection, and a configurable DC output characteristic. With secured NFC, the power supplies can be configured while still in the box. User-definable settings allow engineers in the field to monitor DC current, power, or voltage in real time using a 4mA–20 mA analogue output. Engineers can also add tamper-proof security to the QUINT power supplies by locking out the push buttons on the front panel and creating a user-defined password. In addition, operating hours, DC input voltage, overvoltage, and temperature derating can also be monitored with dry contact outputs.

The QUINT4 units use established QUINT features like Power Boost and Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) technology. SFB technology delivers six times the rated current for up to 15 milliseconds to selectively trigger standard circuit breakers. The units offer static boost with up to 125 per cent of the rated current, allowing engineers to expand the system. For starting heavy loads, the QUINT4 power supplies feature dynamic boost with up to 200 per cent of the rated current for up to five seconds.

The DIN rail QUINT4 power supplies are available from Mouser Electronics in single- or three-phase models with widths of 36mm to 70mm. All units include gas discharge tubes to protect against transient voltages. Follow the link to learn more about the QUINT4 power supply units.

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