Omron’s HVC-P2 human vision image-sensing units at Mouser

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Omron’s HVC-P2 human vision image-sensing units at MouserMouser Electronics is now stocking the B5T HVC-P2 face detection sensor modules from Omron Electronic Components. These fully integrated Human Vision Component (HVC) plug-in modules are based on the Omron OKAO Vision Image Sensing Technology, a set of image recognition routines developed by Omron that can identify human bodies and faces with speed and accuracy. The B5T HVC-P2 modules can detect a human body up to four times per second and are available in both long-distance and wide-angle lenses to meet the needs of different applications.

Omron’s B5T HVC-P2 face detection sensor modules each consist of a camera and a separate main board, connected via a flexible flat cable, allowing it to be installed on the edge of a flat display unit. The modules’ new package size improves upon previously available all-in-one units. The boards feature UART and USB interfaces, which control the module and send the data output (as no image output, 160×120 pixels, or 320×240 pixels) to an external system.

The B5T HVC-P2 modules are available in long-distance (50-degree lens) and wide-angle (90-degree lens) versions. The long-distance type of the HVC-P2 can detect and presume attributes of people, including gender and age, sight line, and facial expression from a maximum distance of 3m. The wide-angle type can cover an area 100cm × 75cm from a distance of 50cm, making it suitable for collecting user behaviour to inform of optimum product refill, new product development, and marketing activities.

Designers can embed the HVC-P2 modules in a variety of equipment for differing sensing and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, including vending machines, heating and cooling systems, lighting and security products, home appliances, robotics, and digital signage.

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