Modular linear axes from igus for custom linear drives

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Modular linear axes from igus for custom linear drivesigus is promoting its drylin ZLW modular belt-drive linear units for use as standalone positioning axes or in combination, even for custom three-axis robotic systems. With a broad choice of widths, rail distances and materials, the drylin ZLW products offer engineers exceptional versatility using standard off-the-shelf components.

Robert Dumayne, director, igus, says: “Ready-to-install linear robots are becoming very popular in machine and plant manufacturing. Off-the-shelf solutions that fit exactly to the applications requirements are not always available and, if they are, come with a high price tag. The drylin ZLW system allows engineers to configure their own solution – width, rail distances and length of the axes can be adapted quickly and easily.”

Due to the low profile of the toothed belt axes, even tight installation spaces are accommodated. In addition, users can order the support blocks, rails and carriages made of aluminium or stainless steel. The stainless steel system is of particular interest for applications in the food industry, which is described as unique when considering standard ‘off-the-shelf’ items. A maximum service life is possible when used in combination with liners made of iglidur E7. The linear guides can also be supplied with the igus motor as standard

Due to the new installation size ZLW-20, loads up to 75kg can be lifted, with maximum stroke lengths of up to 3m. The wide drive belt also permits high speeds of more than 5m/s depending on the load. The polyurethane toothed belt with steel cable reinforcement is set centrally on the carriage at the required belt tension. Underwater applications are also possible with a special belt.

Grooved ball bearings ensure a robust support and greater energy efficiency. Quiet and a long service life even in continuous operation make the ready-to-install options interesting for numerous applications, such as the most varied handling tasks in the food or laboratory technology. Due to the open design, the linear axes are easy to clean and also insensitive to dirt.

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