Servo Fan kit from Parker increases motor torque by 25 per cent

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Servo Fan kit from Parker increases motor torque by 25 per centCustomers have come to rely on Parker to provide extra flexibility across all of its product ranges. A clear demonstration of this is reflected in the new Servo Fan kit for use with the SMH/SMB series servo motors.

Most motors are specified with a maximum rating; however, this new Servo Fan kit cools the motor, thus allowing extra performance over and above the specified torque rating, in this case as much as 25 per cent. Suitable for 100-115, 142 and 170mm frames sizes within the SMH/SMB ranges, the new kit is available with an IP20 rating and is suitable for deployment in applications within food/packaging, hydraulic servo pump application, material forming, factory automation and material handling sectors. For customers who already have motors in the specified frame sizes and would like more torque the new Servo Fan kit can be purchased separately and added.

The SMH/SMB series of highly-dynamic brushless servo motors have been design to combine the cutting-edge technology of Parker products with high performance. Thanks to innovative ‘salient pole’ technology, the motor’s dimensions are considerably reduced with significant advantages in terms of specific torque, overall dimensions and dynamic performance. Compared with traditional-technology brushless servo motors, the specified torque is approximately 30 per cent higher, overall dimensions are considerably reduced and, consequently rotor inertias are very low. Thanks to the high quality of Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets, and also the encapsulation method used to fasten them to the shaft, the SMH/SMB motors can achieve very high acceleration and withstand high overloads without risk of demagnetisation or detachment of the magnets.

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