Belden launches OWL LTE M12 cellular router

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Belden Inc is introducing the new OWL LTE M12 industrial cellular router, designed to address the high-speed wireless connectivity needs of railway and public transportation applications.

Khachig Arjinian, product manager at Belden says: “Today’s passengers have high expectations while travelling by train, subway or bus – from free WiFi to instant travel updates. To meet these expectations, while also achieving the overall transportation system’s networking needs, rail vehicle manufacturers are faced with delivering fast, reliable wireless connectivity. Our OWL LTE M12 cellular router uses high-speed cellular technologies and embedded GPS functionality to provide wireless connectivity, onboard internet and remote access solutions.”

With a rugged, vibration-proof design and its adherence to many standards and approvals, the OWL LTE M12 industrial cellular router offers specific value for the railway and public transportation sectors by transferring voice, video and data at high speeds. Its feature set makes it useful in mobile applications too, such as on robots or cranes, where exposure to the elements or heavy vibration is common.

Arjinian adds: “Reliable wireless connectivity also helps the transportation industry maintain networks and manage alarms remotely. Now, you can easily access the diagnostics data you need to make informed, real-time business decisions – all from a central office location. This helps operators save time and money.”

The feature-rich OWL LTE M12 device is easy to install and customise, even with minimal product knowledge. It provides fast, reliable wireless through high-speed cellular technologies, including LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE. Follow the link to learn more about Belden's industrial networking products.

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