New IP65 compression latch/lock from FDB Panel Fittings

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FDB’s new Dirak 6-500 compression latch is a novel cylinder lock design to IP65 which makes light work of gasket clamping over the extended range of 20mm. This makes it suitable for large doors with soft gaskets. It is also vibration resistant, so, in addition to public access areas, it is suited to transport or other vibration prone environments such as gensets.

The 6-500 is installed with through door fixings with no protruding handle or knob, and may be fitted with an external protective lock cover. It is particularly suited to rod locking systems where it may also be used in a horizontal orientation.

FDB Panel Fittings and sister company FDB Electrical share their online shopping website at, where you can learn more about the new Dirak 6-500 compression latch.

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